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Month: May 2014

A primed example

This weekend I continued work on the legs for my little R2 unit. As was very noticeable in one of my previous posts, my woodworking skills aren’t really up to snuff yet 🙂 The cut out legs were a little rough around the edges.

I picked up some polyester body filler (mainly used in car body repair) and filled, and sanded, and filled, and sanded, and filled, and sanded every part three times till I got a nice smooth finish. I then primed the parts with a spray-on primer (the same I used for the dome panels). 20140519_185952 20140519_190012

And voila, here is the result after a single coat of primer. I will be doing some more smoothing and priming it again before the paint can go on though. With the main structure of the legs all done, I can move on the all the tiny details that go on the legs now, as can be seen in an even earlier post of my 3D drawings.


Do or do not, there is no try

Last week we had a vacation over at Disneyland Paris, and lo and behold, they had a Lego Store! So like any kid in a candy store I went back three times 😛


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Scroll, scroll, scroll your saw

Today I took out my scroll saw and started work on the legs. I wanted to make them out of a material that would support the R2, so instead of making them out of plastic or some faux wood, I made the from solid MDF. So I cut out the first parts out of 18mm and 12mm board. Granted, they are still in rough shape, but the basic form is done. Next I’ll be patching them up and smoothing them out with some polyester body filling, or Bondo.