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Creating a custom leaflet marker, part 2 – Making it more self-supported

In this post I’ll discuss the Leaflet marker in more detail and give it some internal functionality. If you haven’t read the previous post you can check it out here.

If you’ve done previous work with Leaflet you’ve probably created some great viewmodels that have functionality to drive the markers. In my first attempts to create map based modules I just followed the regular tutorials and some freely available plugins from the Leaflet plugin repository. After some iterations on the functionality we had created a monstrous JavaScript file with lots and lots of methods driving the markers. Add to that the performance issues we found when creating and destroying large amounts of markers, so the time had come to restructure the code.

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Creating an animated leaflet marker with CSS transitions and sprites – Part 1

So for my first real dev post I thought I’ll do a write up on a little project I did a while back. Doing stuff on a map is a big chunk of the functionality for a lot of the applications we build. Handling large numbers of markers and mutating them is mostly part of that deal as well.

For the sake of legibility I’ll split this up in three parts:

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Welcome to the wonderful world of me

As you might have guessed from this website’s title, my name is Jeroen. I am a husband, father, developer, designer, creator, geek and lover of many things, which usually also involves writing a lot of code. I live and work in The Netherlands (yes, where Peter Pan lives) and if I had to describe my skills in a couple of words I’d say I’m pretty much an all-round application creator.

So that’s the short answer, the long answer is I’m intimately familiar with a lot of disciplines and technologies. Knower of all, master of none, some might say, but in most cases I tend to dive just a little bit deeper into a technology than most. And that’s where this website originated. In my many endeavors around the web I’ve come across countless tutorials, articles and stackoverflow questions that handle the basic scenarios. But there are precious few resources out there for people like me, or in my position that deal with creating large scale line of business applications using the latest technologies.

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