Last week we had a vacation over at Disneyland Paris, and lo and behold, they had a Lego Store! So like any kid in a candy store I went back three times 😛


Of course we couldn’t leave without picking up a small set 😀 They actually had a couple of Star Wars sets that aren’t going to be in regular stores until August. I got the Imperial Star Destroyer (Lego set 75055), which has 1359 pieces and features a new, redesigned, Darth Vader minifig and a Palpatine hologram. It also measures out at around half a meter in length.


My ‘little’ brother picked up the new AT-AT set (Lego 75054), which will also be released in August. It has 1137 bricks, a General Veers redesigned character, an AT-AT pilot and some snowtroopers.


As a little treat we also both got the Back to the Future DeLorean Cuusoo set (Lego 21103). With a Marty and Doc Brown minifig. Marty does have a skateboard, but where’s the hoverboard, LEGO!!!! (Enter the Mattel legal squad)


Finally here are some pictures of my completed Star Destroyer: