This weekend I continued work on the legs for my little R2 unit. As was very noticeable in one of my previous posts, my woodworking skills aren’t really up to snuff yet 🙂 The cut out legs were a little rough around the edges.

I picked up some polyester body filler (mainly used in car body repair) and filled, and sanded, and filled, and sanded, and filled, and sanded every part three times till I got a nice smooth finish. I then primed the parts with a spray-on primer (the same I used for the dome panels). 20140519_185952 20140519_190012

And voila, here is the result after a single coat of primer. I will be doing some more smoothing and priming it again before the paint can go on though. With the main structure of the legs all done, I can move on the all the tiny details that go on the legs now, as can be seen in an even earlier post of my 3D drawings.