One of the events on the agenda at the moment is the 2015 Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht. In going over some cosplay ideas for me and my brother I was looking at some YouTube build videos on helmets. The series I found particularly interesting was Boochieboys‘ Iron Man helmet build. Not that I’m going to be building anything near an Iron Man costume, but the build method peaked my interest.

He built a base helmet out of Pepakura, then fiberglassed and bondoed it into a very nice looking piece of equipment. Pepakura, or Pep, is essentially nothing more than cutting and glueing pieces of cardstock together to form a three dimensional object. With a piece of software called Pepakura Designer you can turn 3D objects into sheets of paper folding instructions to create any object you like.

Ofcourse the first print I made was of a Stormtrooper helmet, which proved quite complex 🙂 Thinking a little bit more seriously on a cosplay outfit, the judges costume, from Dredd (the 2012 version), came to mind.


So I scoured The RPF (Replica Prop Forums) and found a Pepakura file of the Judges helmet from the movie (thanks to Dung0Beetle and Blaxmyth). I printed out the design on some cardstock and went to work.

About 6 hours later I had a finished Pep helmet:

IMG-20140830-WA0000 IMG-20140830-WA0002 IMG-20140830-WA0005

The cross-bracing on the helmet is obviously not part of the helmet itself, but is there to provide structure and hopefully will prevent warping of the helmet when it comes time to lay in the fiberglass. Eventually I will be making a silicone cast of the helmet to be able to cast it in resin.